Parcel Singulator

Parcel Singulator

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POSTIS offers a Parcel Singulator for the mailing and product handling industry. Our Parcel Singulator offers an economical solution for the low volume customers. Most parcel singulators are designed to handle a very large pile of objects. However, many customers have a single layer stream of parcels that need to be separate and singulated. Our parcel singulator is the answer for this application.

The singulator also has the ability to orient the parcel to a portrait orientation in order to support downstream processing that requires the parcel to be oriented, such as for applying a shipping label.

Our parcel singulator is a low power, reliable, easy to maintain system. Using 24VDC power only, it has low power consumption, drawing power only on demand. It also allows a flexible power source requirement from the facility.


Parcel Processing

Parcels, or objects, are fed to the Singulator. No manipulation or control by the customer is required. The Singulator will take the bulk flow and Separate, Singulate, Orient, and Align. The output stream of product can be controlled by a GUI to produce outputs at any desired throughput.