High Resolution Camera

(POSTIS, High-Resolution, Multi-Purpose Image Acquisition (HI-MAQ)

POSTIS has integrated a High-Resolution (4K) Camera for Address Block and Critical Data Image Acquisition for a wide range of static and dynamic Process Automation applications. HI-MAQ provides Bar-Code Reading (BCR) and/or Optical Character Recognition (OCR) usages/applications such as:

  • Address block image acquisition
  • Document Imaging
  • Product Dimensioning
  • QA Inspections
  • Receiving Desks
  • Bulk Counting
  • Most any Process Automation application requiring or benefiting from BCR / OCR


HI-MAQ provides the maximum possible image resolution in a fully-integrated enclosure for industrial applications. Our 4K solution is capable of capturing fixed DPI images up to 350 DPI over a large focusing range.

  • HI-MAQ Image Acquisition Advanced Capabilities

 - Color or monochrome

             - 12x optical zoom

             - 20x digital zoom

             - Auto-focus

             - Enablable infrared illumination (for security purposes in low/obscured lighting)

             - Enablable auto defog

  • HI-MAQ Image Acquisition Specifications

            - >300 dpi address block capture

            - 4K CMOS sensor for superb image quality

            - 1/2.3” CMOS sensor provides 3840 x 2160 resolution, (4x) > than full HD

            - 144x total zoom capability

            - Outputs in multiple formats

                 ▪ 4k video

                 ▪ Full Image

                 ▪ Thumbnail

  • System Interfaces

            - Host

            - Peripheral

  • HI-MAQ Integrated Enclosure

             - Compact, ruggedized, industrialized

             - Versatile, customizable integrated mounting/attachment bracketry


Download HI-MAQ Datasheet (link below)