Simulation Services

POSTIS, Simulation Services

POSTIS offers full-service simulation services for material handling and automation systems applications.  From spreadsheet analyses to fully functional animations based on engineering models, POSTIS can provide process automation simulations with substantial program benefits:

  • Reduce development and operational costs
  • Improve performance-to-schedule
  • Maximize capital investments
  • Review operational impacts

-       Streamline process(es)

▪       Evaluate layout options

▪       Analyze process alternatives

▪       Identify/resolve potential bottlenecks

▪       Identify/resolve risks and vulnerabilities

▪       Validate/improve system throughput

▪       Optimize resource allocation


POSTIS has designed and built a number of process automation systems for USPS, DHL, UPS and many third party consolidators.  We work very closely with our customers to understand system performance requirements, ensure the final product meets or exceeds expectations, and perform thorough Industrial Engineering analyses.  Simulations and/or analyses are part of each development effort.  Our simulation modeling expertise includes:

  • Simulation of process automation systems, production lines and distribution systems.
  • Model design, implementation and validation.
  • Simulation and analysis of layouts, decisions and schemes.
  • Risk Analysis and Risk Sensitivities.
  • Decision support tools.



POSTIS, Simulation Services, Large System Video Examples

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