Automated High-Speed Gapping

High Speed Gapping, Dual Line Gapping System, Anti-Shadowing Feature

POSTIS has designed, integrated and deployed a specialized conveyor section that reliably generates extremely precise, high-speed gapping of mixed product types, to optimize the performance of downstream automation.

The current, fielded implementation of this process automation innovation is a Dual Line Gapping System (DLGS) that can sustain output of 12,000 pieces per hour (6,000 PPH per line).

<“Dual Line Gapping System Prototype Video link”>

The DLGS accepts two lines of “singulated” product from a feed conveyor running at between 120 and 150 fpm.  The product conveys through Dynamic Metering Control sections, managed by a POSTIS controller, then through “Precision Gapping” which establishes a minimum 23” pitch from leading-edge to leading-edge for each line.  The merged output of the DLGS is a controlled, faced stream of 12,000 pph with a minimum 4” gap between each package for the combined output, ideal for the downstream automation of the DLGS application.


DLGS is a specific application of POSTIS’s high-speed gapping technology to fulfill customer requirements.  It can be adapted to most any high-speed, high-throughput sorting application that is enhanced by a controlled, gapped product flow.  Our high-speed gapping product line is successfully deployed for pre-processing product from DVD’s through large packages, often with a mixed product flow.

Anti-Shadowing Enhancement

In the event that there is information on the product which needs to be scanned, POSTIS can provide dynamic gapping by dimensioning each product immediately prior to gapping, and creating a larger gap, as necessary, to ensure that product does not obstruct or “shadow” the information to be scanned.  By pre-determining the product dimensions, the Anti-Shadowing Enhancement can dictate that the minimum gap is established that ensures line-of-sight for the scanning system, thus maximizing system throughput with all product information being scanned. 


High Speed Gapping, Dual Line Gapping System, Anti-Shadowing Feature Datasheet (link below).