Solution Engineering

The team at POST-IS has been developing and deploying customer-centric solutions for Logistics Automation challenges for many years. We use our 30+ years of automation experience, backed by simulation and modeling during the engineering phase, to provide the right solution right-away.

CASE STUDY – Flats Edge Detection

Flats automation systems (magazines, catalogs, large envelopes, etc.) inherently attempt to processes the mail at a very high throughput rate, as fast as 6 pieces/second. At these rates, the injection of doubles into the system are unavoidable. POST-IS Systems’ Engineering personnel developed a solution utilizing existing sensor technology to provide low-cost, real-time doubles detection. Sensors are positioned strategically in the flats sorters and their outputs are interpreted by POST-IS-developed algorithms. Doubles are flagged and their token ID is sent to the flats sorter controller to enable exception handling.