Sorter Maintenance Diagnostics

Sorter Maintenance Diagnostics Platform

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Our Sorter Maintenance Diagnostics functions as an “add-on” without the need for any modification of your system. Our maintenance diagnostics provide both real-time monitoring and routine initiated diagnostics; enables condition based maintenance (CBM) by identifying the “conditions” that dictate when maintenance is truly needed.

Our Maintenance Diagnostics Platform automates traditional diagnostic processes that are labor-intensive and time consuming…and, therefore, probably performed less frequently than they should be in your operation. By automating these processes, you will likely see your maintenance staff run them more frequently, while actually reducing your team’s maintenance hours. More frequently performed maintenance means better performance efficiency, and, potentially, maintenance issues are discovered earlier, precluding larger maintenance events.

The POST-IS Sorter Maintenance Diagnostics Platform allows you to move your corrective maintenance activities to preventive maintenance activities, and reduces your maintenance hours.

POST-IS has developed several automated diagnostics systems applicable to the Automation Industry.

  • Automated Parts Inspections
    • Diagnostics identify worn or missing parts that affect operation
    • Items targeted are on each sort element , sometimes in multiples
    • Inspections are tedious, time-consuming inspections of parts in
      locations that are hard to access
      • Automating these processes increases the frequency with which
        the inspections are performed
      • Increased frequency of inspections drives improved sorter
  • Automated Alignment Inspections
    • Diagnostics that identify wear based on evaluation of performance
      characteristics (velocity, acceleration, deceleration, physical
      location, etc.) of a known item processed through your system
  • Proven and successful on flats automation sorters