Parcel Sorting System

Automated Parcel Encoding and Sorting (APES)

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  • POST-IS has developed a high speed solution to sort your products.
  • Dimension, Weigh, Scan, Print & Apply, Verify (DWS-PAV), and sort.
  • The system is customized to your products and is capable of 5000pph. Our experience shows that deploying these systems creates significant labor savings over manual handling processes. Our solutions operate at over 10 times the speed of manual processes and can create enough ROI for a payback less than 1 year. Speed matters when eliminating manual labor!
  • Configurations are flexible for various site volume

Automated Encoding and Labeling

The APES solution is ideal for small mail centers and for couriers who sort by carrier route , scan at delivery point, and possibly require OCR and automated label application;, the cost savings that the APES offers will be sizeable. The fully automated system is modular and flexible such that it can be configured to meet your exact needs in terms of package size, rate and number of sort destinations. Typical systems are designed to handle flats and small parcels up to 14” by 18” and a height of 15”. Usually small parcel applications include pharmaceutical shipments in large or small plastic bags, contents placed in plastic, bubble or corrugated bags or small containers all of which can be processed effectively with the APES solution. Configurations to accommodate larger parcels are available.

Easy to Operate

This system requires only one or two people to operate. The workers place the parcels or flats onto a conveyor which are then transported on the conveyor and moved into position for automatic weighing or barcode reading. For parcels requiring dimension data for manifesting or truck/airline load information, an optional dimensioning module can provide the parcel dimensions and then an automated label printer will label the parcel as required by the user’s manifest requirements. The sorter will be adapted to sort into your preferred receptacle (totes, bins, tubs, Gaylords, etc.). Printers are available at the back of the transport to produce labels for the receptacles if required. APES induction can also be integrated to your existing sorter in order to automate and speed the induction process.

High ROI

By automating the manual keying operations, we’ve found that some parcel expediters can realize full payback in as little as three months. For the USPS parcel induction market where USPS labels are required, our research shows that when automating the labeling process to label as fast as possible provides the highest ROI.

Base Specifications

  • Gapping and registration module to ensure the parcel is read and the label is applied correctly
  • Imaging for 1D and 2D barcode reading
  • High-speed scale, with legal for trade certification possible
  • An automated direct thermal printing and linerless label application system
  • Interface to the customer’s system


  • Manifest or parcel management software interface
  • Custom configurable to ensure that all relative client information is captured (e.g. number of pieces, weight, move update information, dimension, etc.)
  • Integrated high-speed inline scale provides accurate weight information for carrier manifest data or can be used for client accuracy


  • Optical character recognition software with local download/look-up capability
  • Multiple item detection system to prevent missorts
  • Dimensioning and label barcode/accuracy verification
  • Various levels of sorting / diverting