Doubles Detection

Flats Edge Detection (FED)

Download FED General PDF

  • FED is doubles detection for letter and flat sorters
  • Doubles are created at or before in-feed
  • Doubles sent to destination result in added handling costs and service delays
  • FED prevents mis-sorts of doubles by detecting the occurrences and diverting them to a re-work bin
  • The system can be engineered such that the interface to your sorter is seamless and does not require changes to your sorting software.

Parcels Doubles Detection

Download Enhanced Sortation Performance (ESP) PDF

Download Doubles Detection for Parcels PDF

  • This system can be added to your conveyor, after a parcel singulator, or over your cross belt or tilt tray sorter in order to detect double conditions
  • Doubles detection of Parcels on conveyor belt or sorter
  • Doubles detection of thins on sorter
  • Doubles detection of shingled flat items (cards, shingles, etc)