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Bulk Flow Counter

Controlling the flow of bulk material by item count rather than pile size can be extremely advantages. Material handling process material on a “pieces per hour” type of rate and therefore a large pile of large items will process much faster than a large pile of small items. Therefore, by managing the count rate, you can control your automated systems (ie, singulators, sorter in-feeds, etc) and you can control the feed of material to manual work stations.

POST-IS has developed technology to inspect a moving stream of items, continuously, and provide data indicating the product count.

  • POST-IS evaluated multiple approaches to counting items in a Bulk Flow condition as a requisite enabler of Flow Control
  • The success of each strategy is strongly dependent on the bulk flow profile and mail-mix
  • Our system can count flats, parcels, and a mix

Download Bulk Flow Counter PDF (link below)